App Support


The Card Hub iOS/Android app enables you to search for any card in either Legacy of the Duelist or Link Evolution.  If you encounter technical issues while attempting to use the app, please use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page to submit a ticket.  This page will be updated as time goes on to include responses to any Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Q - How flexible is the card search on the app?
  • A - The card search functionality is designed to be as flexible as possible.  If you type any portion of the card name in, the correct results will return.  Even if you omit a space or a dash (or any other special character), the correct results should return.
  • Q - Can I keep track of cards I previously searched for?
  • A - Yes!  You will notice a (+) next to each card listed.  Clicking this will save the card to your "My Saved Cards" list which you can access at any time.  For example: You could add each card from your desired deck to your "My Saved Cards" and then view the saved cards.  You will easily see the locations of all your cards on one screen with minimal scrolling.